Writing Proposals That Sell!

March 09, 2017

Writing Proposals That Sell!

Please click on the following link to download my free e book, “Writing Proposals That Sell”. It’s a summary of my learning and experiences over the years and I’ve tried to make it short and readable. As always I’d appreciate your comments.


If you are in any sort of services industry, you are probably familiar with proposals of some sort. They may be as simple as a basic quotation or they may be complex documents containing a lot of detail. Whatever the shape, form or content, they all are prepared with the same objective in mind – to result in you and/or your organization getting some work. So if you call yourself a consultant or a web designer, an accountant, a tax specialist, a personal trainer or any other of a host of titles, you are trying to sell your services. Hence, you will need to prepare proposals to do that. That raises a lot of issues. And that is what the e book is about. 

What should you include in your proposal? How detailed should it be? What should you avoid? This e-book will tell you what you need to know to optimize your chances of getting a positive result from your proposals as well as how to minimize the time spent in preparing documents. You will learn techniques to lead into your proposal and to follow up after you submitted it, all targeting a successful result. Imagine what a difference it would make if most of your proposals sold…

Over my career I’ve written hundreds of proposals. I’d love to tell you they all sold but that wouldn’t be entirely true. Actually it wouldn’t be true at all. Lots did sell but some didn’t for reasons outside my control. And some didn’t sell because I made mistakes. My success rate now is around 70%. When I first started all those years ago it was around 10%. We live and learn, and I’d like you to have the opportunity to learn more quickly that I did.

The proposal is only one part of the selling process. Whilst this e book concentrates on the proposal itself, I have tried to cover the other aspects of the process as well. And whilst I’ve focused on what I’d call freestyle proposals where you are not constrained by format or content, I have also included some information on responding to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) where you may be constrained by both.

This e book is a summary of my own personal views and experiences. You may have different views or disagree with some of the things I’ve written. That’s fine and I’d like you to know that I’d appreciate any comments you have. Please contact me directly at adrian@adrianpartridge.com. Thanks.

As a highly experienced consultant and author of “Consulting Made Easy”, I assist consultants, or would be consultants, to achieve success on their terms in their own businesses.  I help consultants increase their fee rates, find more clients, have more free time and have more fun.

If you are not getting the fees that you want, if you do not have enough clients, or you are simply working too long and hard, contact me at adrian@adrianpartridge.com or through my website www.adrianpartridge.com. I’ll help you diagnose the real issues and lay out your next best steps to take your business to where you want it to go.




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