Get Up and Running!

Are you just starting out as an energy, sustainability or engineering consultant? Imagine the boost it would give you and your business to have an acknowledged expert with 25 years of experience helping you every step of the way. Think how much more successful you could be right out of the starting gate!

I’ve helped lots of consultants get their businesses up and running successfully and I’d like to help you too. My “Get Up and Running” programs are designed to do just that. Three to six month programs to you during that critical start up phase. At the end of the program your business will be up and running, and you’ll have the benefits of all my experience to ensure your future success.

This is an approach tailored specifically to you. Everyone comes in with different skills, different expertise, different experiences and different expectations. I will build on your capabilities to get your business up and running quickly and heading in the direction that spells success for you.

Programs to get you on the road to success including:

  • Regular one on one Skype, Facetime             sessions (or meetings if local) with Adrian
  • Information packages and e books
  • Access to online training courses
  • Series of exercises as your business develops
  • Access to Adrian by e mail or phone throughout the program

If you think this is for you, or you just want to find out some more details, contact me directly at to set up a complimentary 30 minute Up and Running session. And be assured it will be an absolutely no pressure discussion!

You can also contact me via the "Contact Us" button on the bottom right of this webpage, or via our Contact Us page which can be found by clicking on the link just underneath the logo at the top of this page.

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